Chandelier with Colored Spheres

Chandelier with Colored Spheres

Chandelier composed of colored blown glass spheres of various sizes and colors.

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    Our chandelier with colored spheres is a refined work of art for your ceiling. Composed of handcrafted blown glass spheres, it creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your room. The beauty of blown glass is that each piece is unique, with nuances and irregularities that make it one-of-a-kind.

    The chandelier is made up of blown glass spheres available in a wide range of colors, from warm shades of yellow and red to cool tones of blue and green. This allows you to create the perfect combination of color and shape for your home.

    The modular design of the chandelier allows you to create a customized configuration based on your taste and room size. You can opt for a single sphere configuration or a multi-sphere installation to create a cascading effect.

    This chandelier is perfect for any type of decor, from modern to classic style. Its timeless beauty makes it suitable for any room, from the bedroom to the dining room, from the living room to the hallway.

    Create your unique atmosphere with our modular chandelier with colored spheres!

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