Vicenza’s Historical Shops

Vicenza’s Historical Shops

Walking through the small or large cities of our country, you will certainly have come across the so-called “Botteghe Storiche” (Historical Shops). These are the shops or businesses that most characterize that city, because of their history and their traditional elements. Vicenza of course is not far behind, and includes 25 Historical Shops, and as the name may suggest, each of these activities has a story to tell.

At least 35 years of history: this is the first requirement for a commercial activity to be recognized as a “Botteghe Storica”. The other requirements are the size of the shop, which must not exceed certain measures, and its characteristics in terms of architectural significance or furnishing, which must have a particular historical or cultural value.

The Historical Shops represent a sort of “vintage photograph” of the city. Pictures that can tell the story of the town and its inhabitants. A history of tradition but also an history of successes, represented by the long life of these activities, which today are able to survive in world where the sales are mostly done Online.

“Le Botteghe Storiche di Vicenza” is an association based in The city of Palladio which aims to contribute to the cultural and economic development of the city of Vicenza by promoting events aimed at spreading the knowledge of Vicenza’s historical heritage, as well as the historical shops that are an integral part of it, in the national and international public. (see

Our store belongs to this category of activity, thanks to its more than 50 years of history in the production of lamps, lampshades and chandeliers. From 1966 in the historical center of the city of Palladio we deal with custom-made classic style lighting, restoring and producing custom lampshades, and taking care of ancient candle and oil lamps to transform them into functioning electric lamps.

We wanted to take you for a ride inside the historic workshop of Contrà Carpagnon, with a short video that we propose here!


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